What is Task & How Task Will be view:

Tasks is first start of your Earning and it allow also to free users who join us first time. Their Welcome Package enabled by default. Just to make sure your earning at very initial step.
Basically task is a video base content that will assign you daily on the base of your plan limit. Like a plan have a limit of daily tasks 30 Or 50 tasks then it means you can allow to complete 30 task in a day and it will be generate a daily earning (3$ or 5$ and more) Still confused so not enough here for you !!
You have an options to earn more with your referrals on two level like earn commission from first level and then earn commission from their referral.  what a tree to earn like, So kill the waves and come to join us. Surprise not stop here we have more for you !

How Pioneer advertiser Evaluates your task How Robot help us!!

You need to follow these guidelines to Approved your task and money!
This is not a hard things or not even scary!!

  1. Just read your task description carefully.
  2. A link and relative image will be given to you.
  3.  You need to follow these steps and open the link.
  4. A link can be a YouTube video, Instagram video or Facebook video.
  5. One task is on just one video and it not more than 2 to 5 minutes.
  6. You will watch these video.
  7. At the end of video you need to subscribe or Follow, like, comment and share this video.
  8. Our mostly videos are Islamic &  informative not any vulgar and conspiracy content. So it will  not bad in case of share.
  9. And take screenshot in which your watch of video line, subscribed, like and follow will be mention in Screenshot.
  10. Upload Screenshot on the  given option.

How Robot verify – Why your Task Reject and Approve:

We received thousands of task requests daily. So we enable a robot for it for a better quick evaluation. How it works.

  1. Verify each video watch time that assign to you.
  2. Correctly measure your IP activity and watch time with video.
  3. if you not meet the requirement of above 10 guidelines.  Robot will auto reject these task.
  4. We are not responsible of this activity and it correctly measured.
  5. Do your task wisely and watch video do your task complete according to above guidelines.

Important Notice:

Task Guidelines- pioneer Advertiser

Follow these guidelines and make sure your task will be correctly watched and submit.

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